If Your Model Is Not Above Please Email Me A Photo Of One Of The Feet, Machine & Bobbin And I Will Add Your Machine Above

Viking Sewing Machine Attachments

Please scroll down the left hand side of this page to select your model number for correct parts for your machine. If your machine is not on my website it is because no one has ever asked me for parts for your model.To add your machine. Please could you email me ( ) a photo of one of the feet, machine and bobbin. This will help me find the correct parts for your machine and I will add your model to my website if possible

Bobbins 5 quality plastic BRAND NEW Viking Husqvarna Sewing Machine bobbins. These will fit most of the older models of these machines
Price 5.00

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Organ 20 ORGAN Sewing Machine Needles MIXED SIZE 70/80/90/100
Price 7.95


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