Singer 99k Heavy Duty sewing machine

Singer 99k Heavy Duty sewing machine which has been Fully Serviced and sews an excellent quality stitch, just what you would expect from such a robust powerfully built sewing machine. It's a very quick machine and in excellent mechanical condition inside and out. It is a lovely clean machine . You can see in the photographs how many layers this can sew through - We have sewn through (Just look at how thick the materials are) :- 16 layers of cotton and denim over the top, It really is strong and it is also easily capable of sewing through layers of denim leather etc. You can see the quality of the stitch in the pics too this has not struggled at all with any of the materials sewn, in fact this machine has the pinned gears so they will not break whilst sewing heavy materials unlike the new plastic ones today.The stiches on this machine are :- straight stitch only and PLEASE NOTE:- This does not sew in the reverse.It has the Pressure Regulator which controls pressure of presser foot on fabric - Pressure should be heavy enough to prevent the fabric from slipping sideways and light enough to carry the fabric without marking it.The measurements from the needle to the arm of the machine measures:- 6.5 inches giving you plenty of room to manoeuvre the materials around. This has just been fitted with a BRAND NEW high quality 0.45amp (240 Volt) Motor + Brand New Foot control (Pedal) and has been Fully modified (IE:- The Timing has been modified in a couple of places so that this particular machine can sew through these types of fabrics) You might need to use a Bigger needle when sewing through this thick leather and denim materials . This machine is capable of sewing on all kinds of materials i.e.:- Leather, Canvas's, Sail makers, Sacking, Awnings, Upholstery etc etc and is also capable of sewing light materials too - curtains, cottons, lightweight woollens etc .Other jobs that this machine is great for:- Piping work, Hand bag making, Car Seats, Tent sewing, Mobile Home interiors, teddy bear makers, leather clothing , Kit Cars seating etc. Buyers are more than welcome to come to our home for a demonstration on the machine which you will find very helpful and bring some of your own materials with you and we can set the machine to the thickness. The machine will come with needles in different sizes for you (100/16 Heavy duty - 100/16 Leather and 110/18 sizes) and some bobbins too. It will also be left threaded up and has the stitch off under the needle from the service to show you some of the stitches and the quality of the stitch.This comes in a beautiful wooden case . You will not be disappointed with this machine as they really do not make them like this anymore and it is a very heavy machine (Not like the plastic ones today) These were built to LAST all solid metal. This really is a well made machine, It really will last several generations without spending a penny on new parts with exception to buying new feet and bobbins etc.I always give an option and suggest to the buyer to send me a small sample of the materials that they are using so that we can test the machine before it is despatched as some materials are just too thick to use on these machines and please email and ask me any questions you have in regards to materials etc. I also highly recommend purchasing an Industrial sewing machine if you are planning on using the machine all day every day for serious heavy duty work. Please click here to View a similar Instruction book for this model